Landscaping Plant Warranty

Plant Warranty: Warranty period is one year from invoice date. All warrantied plants purchased from and installed by Bergman Nurseries, Inc. that do not survive within the warranty period, will be replaced once at no cost to the homeowner. (Sale items are warrantied for purchase price only.) We must be notified prior to expiration of the warranty and have the right to inspect the material and site. Warranty is given to the original buyer only. Accounts not paid in accordance with our terms will void the warranty.

a. Not Covered: Warranty does not apply to annuals, perennials, roses, dogwoods, sod, plants in above ground containers and customer's plants that have been transplanted. We do not warrant against losses due to vandalism, theft, mechanical or chemical injury, animal damage, pest damage, neglect, or acts of God such as weather extremes.
b. Customer Responsibility: Reasonable care is required. Maintenance is the owner's responsibility. Call if you have any questions. Improper care may result in a voiding of the warranty.

Retail Plant Warranty

Full one year guarantee on all nursery stock planted by us for a ONE TIME replacement. There is a half price replacement on all nursery stock planted by the home owner for a ONE TIME replacement. All replacements must be accompanied with a receipt and proof of the dead plant. There are NO GUARANTEES on Roses, Dogwoods, Perennials and Annuals. Also any purchase that is pre-approved to be charged to a customers account and then not paid within the payment terms WILL VOID any warranty.