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Variegated European Beech

Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea Tricolor?

Variegated European Beech

Plant Description

One of the most beautiful of the beeches for its foliage effects, this variegated selection features purple leaves with a delicate light pink to slightly reddish borders. This small tree should be sited in partial shade to avoid scorching of the leaf margins.

Care Instructions

During Periods of high temperatures and low rainfall, Beeches may scorch. Make sure that tree?s are adequately watered. Prune in the fall

Plant Type: Deciduous Tree

Height: 30'

Flower Color: None

Foliage: Purplish with a slight pinkish red cast

Location: Part Shade

Spread: 20'

Bloom Period: None

Shape: Oval

Growth Rate: Slow

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