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Kwanzan Cherry

Prunus serrulata 'Kwanzan'

Kwanzan Cherry

Plant Description

Pendulous flowers in spring. Showiest cherry in spring. Foliage first appearing with flowers is coppery bronze color - as leaves mature they turn green. Fall color reddish copper. One of the varieties used in Washington D.C. cherry blossom display. Street tree or used in landscape planting.

Care Instructions

Grows best in deep, moist soils, but will also do well in a dry, sandy soil. Prefers full sun, pH adaptable. Prune after flowering.

Plant Type: Deciduous Flowering Tree

Height: 20-25'

Flower Color: Flower is pink in color, late

Foliage: Fall Foliage is reddish-copper

Location: Sun

Spread: 15-20'

Bloom Period: Spring

Shape: Round

Growth Rate: Medium

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