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Aristocrat Callery Pear

Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat'

Aristocrat Callery Pear

Plant Description

'Aristocrat' features wider and stronger branch angles than 'Bradford' and has longer leaves with a distinctive undulate margin. The foliage is glossy and clean, and the less formal branching lends itself better to ice storm resistance.

Care Instructions

Thrives in full sun or part shade. Tolerates most soil types from clay to loam. Somewhat drought tolerant. Prune in the winter.

Plant Type: Deciduous Ornamental Tree

Height: 25-40?

Flower Color: White blooms

Foliage: Red to burgundy fall color

Location: Full Sun

Spread: 20-30?

Bloom Period: Spring

Shape: Upright conical

Growth Rate: Rapid Fast

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