About our History

Bergman Nurseries has been serving customers since 1939, tracing its roots back to Herman Bergman and his three sons Les, Don and Bill. The Bergman family through two generations successfully owned, operated and expanded the company. During this time, Bergman Nurseries developed a reputation as one of the premier growers of Japanese Yews, with sales throughout Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. Locally, Bergman's established themselves as a leader in both landscape design and installation and also a retail garden center, becoming a source of knowledge for plant-related questions. In the mid 1990's, Bergman Nurseries started offering Lawn Irrigation. Then, in 1999, after 60 years of ownership, Bergman Nurseries was sold.

Although the new owner was not a member of the Bergman family, Tom Friye had been with the company for 28 years as a landscape designer. Tom, with his three sons, Todd, Travis and Trevor assumed the reins of the company in January of 1999 and haven't looked back. While making some changes, all divisions of the company still remain. The wholesale division has shifted its product mix and now grows more shade and ornamental trees than yews. The garden center still remains as one of the top independent and respected garden centers in the tri-state area offering a full range of plants and hardscapes. Landscape design and installation continues to be the backbone of the company. Today, with three full time landscape designers, Bergman Nurseries is the largest landscape and irrigation design firm in the area, serving customers in a 60 mile radius.